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Dandong Flaw Detector Equipment Co., Ltd.

We are a manufacturer and trading company. Our main products are industrial X-ray machines. We have 20 years of manufacturing experience. We have portable X-ray machines and stationary X-ray machines.

Our portable X-ray machines have the specifications of 100kV, 120kV, 160kV, 200kV, 220kV, 250kV, 300kV, 320kV and 350kV. Our portable machines have smaller size and lighter weight, and are more convenient for users to operate.You can have the details  


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Dandong Flaw Detector Equipment Co., Ltd.

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How to choose an X-ray flaw detector?
Saturday, Nov 30, 2019
Principle of X-ray flaw detector A non-destructive flaw detection method that uses X-rays to penetrate matter and has attenuation characteristics in matter to find defects in them. X-rays can detect internal defects in metallic and non-metallic materials and their products. For example, pores and slag inclusions in welds. Volume defects such as incomplete penetration.Industrial X-ray flaw detection machine, including X-ray tube head assembly, control box and connection cable, is the general name of equipment for X-ray photography or tomography of the internal structure of objects. X-ray flaw detection devices can be divided into directional and circumferential according to the direction and window range of X-ray emission; according to the installation form, they can be divided into fixed and mobile
What X-ray flaw detectors need to pay attention to during work
Saturday, Nov 30, 2019
Before using the X-ray flaw detector, check whether the air pressure of the high-pressure generator is lower than 0.34MPa. If the air pressure is lower than the low-pressure value, stop the operation in time and use it normally after leak detection and replenishment. The quality of materials is an important indicator of the overall technological level of a country. We are still far from the developed countries in the world. For example, what affects the life of an X-ray tube is the electron emission capability of the filament material of the X-ray tube. The life of X-ray tubes of international advanced equipment can reach thousands of hours, and we only have 400-500 hours.
X-ray digital imaging methods and comparison
Saturday, Nov 30, 2019
The X-ray digital imaging method is basically the same as the X-ray film photography method; the film photography method is to penetrate the workpiece with a line, part of the X-ray energy is absorbed by the material, and the remaining X-ray energy passes through the workpiece to make the film photosensitive. The blackness difference image is generated on the negative film to achieve the detection purpose. The X-ray digital imaging method also uses X-rays to penetrate the workpiece, part of the energy wave material is absorbed, and the remaining X-ray energy is converted into a visible image by the image intensifier. After calculation and processing, observe the test results on the monitor screen.

Dandong Flaw Detector Equipment Co., Ltd.


Dandong Flaw Detector Equipment Co., Ltd.

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